Medicare Part B

Coverage by Medicare Part B includes all things Medical just as Part A covers Hospital and Skilled Nursing.

Part B covers 2 types of services

  • Medically necessary services: Services or supplies that are needed to diagnose or treat your medical condition and that meet accepted standards of medical practice.
  • Preventive servicesHealth care to prevent illness (like the flu) or detect it at an early stage, when treatment is most likely to work best.

You pay nothing for most preventive services if you get the services from a health care provider who accepts assignment.  

Part B covers things like:

How much does Medicare Part B cost?

Part B has a monthly premium of $148.50 per month in 2021. It can be more if you have an extremely high income. It can be less or even $0 if you have an extremely low income. Check with one of our qualified Medicare Specialist to see what your premium might be.

Applying for Medicare Part B?

If you are already receiving Social Security benefits you will automatically be enrolled in Medicare Part B. Your card will arrive in the mail up to 3 month before your birthday.

If you do not receive Social Security benefits, you have to enroll yourself. It is easiest to enroll online at

You may also do it over the phone or at your local Social Security Office.

Part B excess charges

Normally with Part B you are responsible for a deductible of $203 in 2021 and a 20% co-payment. Excess charges, though rarely seen, are for Physicians or Facilities that bill greater than the amount allowed by Medicare. There are plans such as Medicare Supplements that will pay these excess charges for you.

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